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Requirements Engineering

Last updated September 16, 2022.

# Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

A software requirement specification is a document, written for engineers and stakeholders alike, that describes what the project’s features are and its business model.

Generally, a requirements document should cover:

  1. Project scope (a summary of what the project is, its features, its target audience, its boundaries, deliverable deadlines, etc.).
  2. Functional requirements in the form of epics and user stories.
  3. System architecture.
  4. UI prototype.
  5. Non-functional requirements.

Communication should be the priority, not formality, so you should make liberal use of diagrams, graphs and images.

# Functional Requirements

Functional requirements are product features that are implementable by developers. They define what the system does and roughly look like the following:

  1. Authentication system allows user to log in with their Google account.
  2. The user can create new blogs.
  3. The user can comment on existing blogs.

# Non-Functional Requirements

Non-function requirements are requirements on the product that aren’t features. They roughly look like this: